BAM Nuttall

Project Type:
Drainage and Scour Survey

Crouch Waterfall were approached by BAM Nuttall to undertake a drainage and scour survey alongside the railway between Pontyclun and Bryncae highlighting required maintenance and/or refurbishment.

This comprised:

• Photographic scour surveys along affected areas, identifying, embankment toe to watercourse offset at 1 chain intervals, areas of scour, existing repairs and any other features of concern which score in relation to the 065 algorithm i.e. marshy ground at the toe.

• Assessment of embankment crest retaining wall/troughing support present and condition.

• Assessment of oversteeped embankments and/or loss of support to embankment soils due to presence of culverts with non-present or damaged headwalls or wingwalls.

• Address road run-off which was scouring railway cutting slopes.

• Detail wash-out repairs works

• Produce drainage defect schedule of crest, ditch and piped tracked drainage where present.

• Complete catchment assessment and compare to current drainage capacity. Production of brief design report detailing the assessment finding and recommendations for improvements.

The works, undertaken over 3 days, comprised walking the track from the access at Pontyclun assessing the identified defects/scour etc. at each chainage shown in the CR-T.

CWP produced a GRIP 3 Optioneering Report presenting options for various identified defects and to improve the earthwork volume condition from poor to marginal or from marginal to serviceable.

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