Kings Cross

Kier Construction

Project Type:
Movable Scaffold Design, Various Scaffolds


Crouch Waterfall provided temporary works designs to allow Kier Construction to carryout extensive refurbishment and station improvement works.

As much of the station is a listed building, temporary works design had to be sympathetic to this and hence the designs had to incorporate a minimal number of tie points and in other areas an alternative to tie points completely. This had to be balanced with the need to keep the large volume of station users unaffected by the works and the limitations of structural capacity of the platforms within the station and the roofs externally

The temporary scaffolds included the design of a completely water tight, movable structure to surround the whole roof, over 120m long and with a free span of 28m. The principal challenges of this design were the watertight interfaces with the existing structure and construction sequence.  No significant loading could be exerted onto the roof and there was a need to ensure that any flexure in the structure did not result in binding when it was moved to a new location. At the time of construction and operation this was the largest moving scaffold in Europe.

Other scaffolds included a scaffold to surround the entire Southern Façade external face to facilitate remedial brickwork repairs, cleaning of brick work and glazing repairs. A number of these were over 30m in height.

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