Whitedown Lane

JUBB Consulting Engineers Ltd

Project Type:
New Railway Bridge


Crouch Waterfall designed a new railway bridge for JUBB Consulting Engineers Ltd. A new weathering steel half through Bridge will replace the existing single span masonry arch bridge between Whitedown Lane and Butts Road, which supports the high-level railway embankment.

The bridge was designed as simply supported on piled reinforced concrete abutments, with reinforced concrete wing walls designed by JUBB Consulting Engineers Ltd.

The bridge deck is a weathering steel plate girder U-frame structure with concrete filler beam deck supporting a single ballasted track with the provision for a second track being provided in future. The outer faces of the main edge girders are clad with (Corten) weathering steel panels. All main girders were designed to accommodate the derailment load.

The superstructure has a span between bearing centres of 25.9 m along the centreline of the bridge. The west abutment is skewed at an angle of 49.9° to the deck and the east abutment is square to the deck. The minimum clearance between the abutments is 17.46 m.

The superstructure, supported on roller bearings, will be fixed longitudinally at the east abutment and free to move longitudinally at the west abutment.

It will be fixed in the transverse direction.

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