Wharf Nursery School

Playle & Partners For Surrey County Council

Project Type:
Design, Construction

The Wharf Nursery School is located off of Woolsack Way, Godalming, Surrey and is a replacement for the original single storey timber structure that was life expired.

The site is underlain with made ground overlying alluvium sand and river terrace deposits and evidence of contamination due to previous use was identified.  To reduce the volume of material movement off and on site together with expensive tipping costs ground remediation and stabilisation was executed before a ground bearing raft foundation was cast for the main building and playground area.

The first floor is constructed with timber panels as internal partitions, block work provides the external face finished with different type claddings of timber boards, render and brick.  The roof is duo pitch with barn end faces made with traditional trusses.

The superstructure comprises relatively traditional construction methods with blockwork walls, engineered floor joists and timber trusses.

The flat roof to the rear of the building incorporates a green roof and sustainable drainage.

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