West India Quay, Re-Glazing Station Canopy

Docklands Light Railway

Project Type:
Design, Refurbishment

Crouch Waterfall was requested by Docklands Light Railway to investigate the reasons behind the existing glazing shattering and dropping from the canopy. From the station CCTV footage it was apparent that the glass was being sucked vertically upwards, then dropped and shattering during strong winds.

As the structure had been in existence for almost twenty years without incident it was realised that the local conditions had changed.
Interrogation of the data from the local weather station confirmed it was not abnormal climatic conditions.

The problem was found to be a new thirty three storey apartment block constructed immediately adjacent to the station.
Analysis of the local effects found that wind suction on the canopy had increased by 60% as a result of the construction of the adjacent structure.

New glazing and fixings were designed and installed together with a man safe walkway for cleaning access. In association with these works the existing steel canopy structure was assessed and confirmed able to accommodate the increased loadings.

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