Torre Station Footbridge

J Murphy & Sons Ltd

Project Type:
Design, Refurbishment

Originally constructed in 1848 Torre footbridge is a listed structure.  The footbridge is covered with a timber canopy although windows are no longer present due to the risk of vandalism at this unmanned station.

Crouch Waterfall were commissioned by John Murphy & Sons Ltd to undertake a Principal Inspection and identify the areas that were corroded and in need of replacement or repair.  Crouch Waterfall also carried out a full assessment of the structure to ensure that the repairs could be installed safely and without compromising the overall structural stability during the works. As a result of this the client decided that the bridge would be refurbished but also strengthened.

Repairs and strengthening included renewal of the main beam top chords, new hoops over the walkway to decrease the effective length, new plan bracing, new stairs and assorted bolted repairs to the lattice.  As a listed structure, all repairs were designed to be sympathetic to the original structure.  As the covered canopy had recently been refurbished, the client did not want the new zinc roof to be damaged, hence complex temporary works were required to keep the roof in place during refurbishment and also to maintain the bridge integrity while the top chord was replaced.  These were all designed by Crouch Waterfall.

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