Red Bull Cliff Diving Platform

Photo: Olaf Pignataro
Photo: Olaf Pignataro

Abcas (UK) Ltd

Project Type:
Design, Project Management

In 2012 Crouch Waterfall designed the diving platform used for the UK premier of the high profile Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Abereiddy, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Set in an historic slate quarry flooded by sea water the platform, a 1.5m wide timber and steel deck installed at 27m above water level with overall length of 12m and a cantilever at the free end of 2m, was the longest ever used in this global competition. Access to this remote coastal location was extremely limited. The platform was designed as two parallel steel frames each weighing less than 600 kg, enabling safe installation by helicopter onto pre-prepared steel bearing shelves. Bearing shelves were attached using 4.8m long rock anchors fixed into the slate quarry cliff face.

Following successful fixing of the primary steel frames, the installation of the platform deck and permanent stabilising bracing wires could be completed using smaller components enabling safe manhandling by the site rope access team. Re-engaged on this project for successive years, in 2016 Crouch Waterfall upgraded the original single platform to accommodate a second platform at 20m above water level for female competitors. On the strength of these designs Crouch Waterfall has been approached by a private individual to create a 9 platform diving tower to be located in a disused quarry in Cornwall.

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