Newport Station

ABC Electrification

Project Type:
Temporary Works

Crouch Waterfall was engaged by ABC Electrification to undertake the temporary works for the electrification works at Newport Station. Working included temporary footings, a service bridge, excavation support, propping and a number of crane lifts. The most significant lift being the bridge at Bridge Street which was removed in one lift on a single night.

Bridge Street bridge in Newport is a metallic trussed girder bridge, which was built in 1911. As part of the electrification plan between London and Swansea, this structure needed to be replaced in order to facilitate the installation of a compliant OLE system. At the point of lifting, the bridge weighed 240t and was sited 26m from the lifting point. This necessitated the use of a Leibherr LR 1600-2 tracked crane, one of the largest operating in the UK. Including the crane, counterweights, lifting gear and bridge, the total load was in excess of 1600t.

Crouch Waterfall undertook the design and interpretation of the of the ground investigation, assessment and recommendation of suitable crane pads, and settlement calculations for the proposed loads at various points during the lift. Working with the client and contractor, the team delivered a safe and highly successful result on a complex and difficult operation.

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