Icomb Place, Gloucestershire

Stonewood Builders Limited

Project Type:
Temporary Works Coordinator, Temporary Works

Crouch Waterfall were commissioned by Stonewood Builders Ltd. to support them during the refurbishment of Icomb Place (medieval manor house in the village of Icomb).

Crouch Waterfall initially provided the design of the concrete foundations of the temporary water tight scaffold designed by others. In later stages, Crouch Waterfall provided the design for a number of temporary propping elements in the building. During the refurbishment of the building and the construction of the different chimneys existing structural elements needed to be propped in order to undertake the works. Heavy propping (mabey props) was used around the building to support the required loads.

As part of the construction support, Crouch Waterfall also undertook the Temporary Works Coordinator (TWC) role undertaking different duties such as the coordination of all temporary works activities, establishing and maintaining a temporary works register, allocating responsibilities to appointed Temporary Works Supervisor(s), ensuring a design brief is prepared for new elements of temporary works, ensuring satisfactory designs are undertaken, ensuring any proposed changes to the design are properly managed, ensuring a permit to load is issued prior to being put into use, ensuring Safe System of Work (SSoW) is in place for erection or dismantling.

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