Hampnett House, Gloucestershire

MRJ Rundell & Associates Ltd

Project Type:
Design, Construction

Dawson Place is located in London north of Notting Hill Gate tube station.  The initial proposal was to rebuild a new structure behind the original façade.  It was decided after inspection to rebuild the façade using modern materials to replicate the existing and construct a completely new building behind.

The new 8000sq ft structure included a basement converting the property to a 5-storey building.  The basement comprises a contiguous piled wall constructed using 450mmØ piles at 600c/c into stiff London Clay with 15m long bearing piles internally supporting the basement slab.

The basement, lower and ground floors are constructed of reinforced concrete along with the internal and exterior walls.  Ground floor up is constructed using standard block work walls.

First and second floor slabs are constructed using Westok’s Ultra Shallow Floor Beams that allow a thinner floor slab giving the Architect 50-100mm extra headroom between floors.  This was one of the first residential projects to utilise these new beams.

The mansard roof is composed of straight and cranked steel beams with timber joists spanning between.

Mechanical services include a pellet boiler for heating and a 60m deep well into the London aquifer for water supply.

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