Alun Griffiths

Project Type:
Bridge Deck Replacement

Crouch Waterfall were commissioned to undertake a road over rail bridge deck replacement by Alun Griffiths for Network Rail near Bynea. We completed relevant site inspections and developed the design scheme and construction methodology with Alun Griffiths. The existing bridge was a steel beam and masonry jack arch bridge, assessed to be in poor condition. Crouch Waterfall undertook the full Network Rail GRIP process and confirmed the design for Council Approval.

The design was a pre-stressed reinforced concrete slab constructed from pre-cast beams and an in-situ deck poured over the top, followed by standard road makeup. The existing abutments were assessed to take the revised loading of the new deck to EC7 requirements, a Cat II check on the manufacturers pre-stressed deck design and concrete H4a parapets and the design and detailing of new cill beams and bearings to tie the two together was undertaken. The approaching vehicle restraint barriers required piled foundations and caps to take the loading due to the steep slopes on either side. A revised road alignment was completed, as well as new drainage provision and cable management.

Crouch Waterfall also designed and submitted all the temporary works required, including for an access and service diversion support bridge scaffold, crane platforms on steep slopes including slope stability assessment, stability assessment of the existing bridge for lifting, track protection and demolition / installation sequencing.

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